This continuation course builds upon initial Human Factors (HF) training and includes regulatory and other recent changes. In this particular training we focus on Human Error and our understanding of Human Error over the years. Our understanding and especially our judgement of performance influence the way we judge each other. Our understanding of performance also informs our capability to learn, especially in organisations where most things go right, but sometimes, something may go wrong.


After this one-day course people can differentiate between types of errors and so-called violations and discuss their usefulness in practice. All participants will be able to explain why people have different points of view and apply strategies how agreement, or at least better judgement can be reached.


‘Human Factors is not reduced to speak two hours about a piece of cheese; To err is human but it is important to learn from mistakes; the topics are very light but profound… important and very necessary. Interaction between skills are educational and entertaining. Handled well by the facilitator, thanks!’ – P21 and P145 employees- Basel 2013