Co-Guard is a young and dynamic company specialised in safety, organisation development and human performance, located in Reinach, Switzerland. A location very central in Europe offering our partners and customers access to an excellent infrastructure and support service in English, French, German and Dutch.

Our strength is experience in integrating systems in organisations while focusing on cultural and behavioural aspects. Passion for the topic of human-human and human-system interactions are expressed with lively, energetic training and great enthusiasm.

We deliver our services at the highest possible standard in relation to safety,  business operations and well-being of people. The outcome is a sustainable system in support of the organisation and their responsibilities with regard to safety. Pro-active and better informed decision making are derived from detailed risk assessment and risk management, streamlining planning and operations for the whole company. We focus specifically on the people side of the implementation, identifying people as the key to success.

Our core values are respect, openness and integrity throughout our operations and encounters. Approaching all assignments and tasks as projects enables us to work according to your wishes.

Training and safety solutions for industry, where people and business are understood.