Examples of our services are:

  • Analysing your business needs. We support you in examining demanding areas and tackling identified issues. We always seek to use simple but effective tools for analysis and our feedback to your organisation is clear and concise;
  • Integrating (safety) management systems. Modification in operations, techniques or processes may cause change in your organisation and how people work together. We assist you in finding ways to manage change and obtain your desired outcome ;
  • Harmonising your systems. Communication systems both formal and informal, co-exist in organisations. Simplifying and fine-tuning these established systems can harmonise processes without having to go through major changes. We support you in the identification and implementation of such opportunities;
  • Supporting organisational change. As businesses strive to meet economic needs, the work force require direction to meet the business cycle objectives. Using our expertise in continuous people development, e.g. Human Factors, leadership and cultural diversity, we offer a foundation to align both the company and people towards a common goal.


On-site courses

Co-Guard GmbH specialises in tailor made courses regarding Safety and Compliance, Human Factors, Human Error, Safety, Just Culture and more. All courses are tailored to the organisation and the audience, guaranteeing relevance to day-to-day work.

Co-Guard training applies a learner- centred approach, which means that our courses focus on learning rather than teaching: courses are carefully created in order for the people to actively engage in the topic relevant to them, their interests and work environment, making courses meaningful to the participants and therefore meaningful to your organisation.

Based on your wishes, we offer options ranging from existing regulatory courses to customized training. These options guarantee that subjects relevant to your needs are included in the training programme. Using a training overview analysis, we propose a training plan which reflects your desired outcome, making your investment more effective and beneficial in terms of time and money.

In-house training

At our location in Reinach we offer several courses each year. Our facilities include comfortable training rooms, a relax area and free wifi. Within its picturesque Swiss location and beautiful rural surroundings, it also offers great opportunities to explore the beauty of Basel, Freiburg and Colmar. Courses are open for people from different backgrounds and they can be booked online.

Six times per year we offer ‘open house-courses’ which is a two-hour workshop in which we explore interesting and relevant topics on safety and related topics. Everyone who is interested in our approach to training and safety is welcome to join. The evenings may also be interesting for all professionals working in safety and performance related jobs.

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