Safety management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to managing safety in an organisation. Depending on the size and the operation, such system supports an organisation in identifying hazards, prioritising mitigation actions and managing risk.

SMS consists of four pillars:

  1. Safety Policy
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. Safety Assurance
  4. Safety Promotion

Basic training will always include these four pillars and its 12 founding elements. All training is in line with ICAO guidelines, the latest EASA regulations and guidelines and aviation best practices. Our training is customised in terms of appropriateness to the organisation (size, operation and stage of SMS development) as well as specified training needs and wishes. We use three ‘building’ blocks, accommodating training to the required responsibilities at various levels in the organisation.


‘Building up a robust and reliable Safety and Quality system is a step-by-step process in which organisational learning and trust are essential. Her training achieves that very essence.’ – QA-manager Zurich