Human Factors (HF) is part of every safety and compliance management of every Part 145 organisation (aviation maintenance). The initial course is built in accordance with the EASA approved syllabus, Part P145.A. 30 (e). Initial training focuses on awareness of the interaction between humans and their context. All data, all examples and all cases are taken and updated to increase the relevance to aviation maintenance today. The training style is very interactive, so that HF theory can be experienced and practiced during the course in a safe environment.


HF is about understanding humans and their behaviours in their work place and where possible, reducing human error by optimising the conditions in which people work. The initial training explains and lets experience our capabilities as well our limitations relevant for aviation maintenance. Awareness enables people to organise themselves and others better in their working environment. It supports their decision making on
what adjustments are needed in their environment which can include regulation, procedures, correct tooling, etc.


‘ Human Factors is critical to the safe and effective carrying out of high risk industries and helps find and combat these issues that inevitably arise from human performance – the training was well presented, thorough and immensely helpful.’ – Quality Assurance – 2014, Basel, CH

‘Very positive training for young people in the group.’ – Quality Assurance – 2014, Basel, CH

‘Tout ce qui est sécurité, types d’incidents, les consequences au problems. L’écoute à autrie, les respect et les valeurs du travail en équipe (function, les différentes types de categories.’ – Production – 2014, Basel, CH