Valgeir Rúnarsson, Training Manager ITS – Icelandair Technical Training

… Her training approach fits personal values of respect, innovation and leadership.   At the same time, the content fits our overall objectives of safe operations and well-being. Especially, selected examples and related discussions, created an opportunity to view our own operation and performance in an open and more constructive way.  I would certainly recommend her… Read More

Eric Garand, Quality Manager/ Deputy Safety manager

Building up a robust and reliable  Safety and Quality system is a step-by-step process in which organisational learning and trust are essential. Her training fits well within our safety and compliance programme and Margriet’s open and interactive training style is much appreciated in our organisation and achieves that very essence.

Romain Wagner, Manager of Technical Training at Luxair

Taking care of our technicians and new recruits is what I care most about each day. This training supports us in doing just that, as it has helped us to understand what SMS really is about: our people, their training, skills and well-being.